Saturday, June 11, 2011

friendly photography

Luckily, I have many friends in the wedding industry! Last week, I introduced you to one of my sorority sisters who opened Southern Flash Photobooth! Now I want to introduce you to another sorority sister of mine, Kaela Rodehorst, who has taken her love for photography and turned it into a career! 

I just had to test her skills for myself- and it doesn't hurt that I get these gorgeous pictures out of it too! I didn't want these pictures to be too formal since this wasn't a true engagement session, so I told Kaela I wanted some fun and unique pictures- in front of graffiti! She knew just the spot with a few colorful wall! Not only did she know the perfect spot, but she made us feel completely comfortable- and we needed it since neither of us are in any way models nor had we taken formal pictures! He is going to hate me for saying this, but my boyfriend was pretty nervous about this little shoot! Kaela's instruction put us right at ease and made us feel like professionals- the sign of a great photographer :) 

We walked away with such a great experience, gorgeous pictures, and Jack's new love for modeling! He was the groom for my photo shoot last week- pictures that you will see very soon! Enjoy!

I asked Kaela to send me a little blurb about her passion for photography and how it brought her to open Kaela Rodehorst Photography:

"My passion for photography began once upon a time with an incredibly outdated, seemingly ancient Polaroid-One Step camera. Innocently enough, my grandmother let me use this nifty little piece at age 3, but had no idea what kind of artistic monster she was creating. 

My love for photography has grown exponentially through the years, but not until recently did I realize the true impact a photograph can have.  While rummaging through an old box of family photos, I stumbled across a two-decade old picture of my cousins and I in my grandparents’ inflatable swimming pool that turned us into prunes every summer.  Immediately, memories of my carefree life as a child rushed in, sending me on a speeding roller coaster down memory lane, all because of a slightly yellowed canvas. The picture had endured countless moves, three hurricanes, and only God knows what else, but the image captivated my imagination nonetheless.  It was at this moment I truly understood what significance a photograph could have, capturing all the feelings that make up a great moment in time, and hurling every single one of them at you with a simple glance.  This is what drives my passion for photography.   

As a natural light and landscape photographer, I live by this quote:  "Delight in the beauty that surrounds you." In my life, I hope to always appreciate the land I walk on, the people with whom I share a smile, and most importantly, the people that I love. 

My goal as photographer is to capture everything about that one split second that will never repeat itself- the colors, the emotions- so that they can be savored again another day.  I am thankful for the photographs I have, because as time ticks away, it’s humbling, and beautiful, to be reminded of who you are and where you come from."

To hire Kaela, or simply to see some more of her amazing work, visit her site
I hope you do, she's worth it :)

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