Saturday, May 28, 2011

sweet tooth

So I want to hear your thoughts on this whole candy bar thing! I have only been featuring things I love on the blog, but I'm having such mixed emotions on this one so I need your opinion! I'm torn because there are so many great perks of have a candy bar, and one MAJOR reason I couldn't!

On one hand, I'm a huge fan of tradition...and the ways to modernize that tradition! But these days, there are so many unique and creative ways to bring the traditional wedding cake into the 21st century to have to replace it with candy! I love the cake cutting pictures and the passing of that delicious cake- hmmm- I love me some wedding cake!

However, I'm kinda loving the candy bar for the right wedding- because lets face it, cakes are pretty expensive! These piles of sugar are so quirky and fun for the right couple and theme! If you've got a smaller guest list and want to avoid the tiny cake, the jars of various candies definitely fill a table more than a two tier cake would! Candy tables can also replace that wedding favor that most people throw away anyway{sad but true} Why not send your guests home with something they might actually enjoy?!

So I'm thinking that I need a little bit of both worlds! I don't think that I can personally ditch the wedding cake idea, but I do love the idea of a colorful candy bar! No one says that you can't have a traditional cake on one table and a candy bar as a favor on another, right?! So let me know what you think! Cast your vote :)

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