Tuesday, March 15, 2011

finding true love?

I don't know about you, but my friends and I have been religiously watching and following every episode, blog, and spoiler about the Bachelor! For the last 5 seasons, I have CORRECTLY chosen the winner after the very first episode! This season is the first season I chose incorrectly :(

Since the moment Chantal slapped Brad across the face at their meeting, I thought it was love! With each passing date, their chemistry bubbled and I was sure that she was going to get that ring. They just had SO MUCH fun together! They were so comfortable with each other, telling jokes, slapping each other around, and treating each other like they were best friends in the real world- a real relationship. 

I had always thought of Emily as the PERFECT woman. I mean seriously, there is nothing wrong with this girl! But the fact that Brad couldn't even speak when he was with Emily made me apprehensive about their relationship. Everything was "I'm fine, thank you for this, I'm so happy to be here" but nothing deeper. When their dates ended, I always wanted something MORE. But they apparently felt it?!

While watching the finale last night, I realized almost the entire world was "Team Emily." By wiping away Chantal's tears, he let her go and sent her home crying in the limo. When Emily arrived to the proposal, Brad told her that she was his forever and got down on one knee. Turns out that forever was only three months until they broke up during the airing of the episodes. Last night, Emily showed up without an engagement ring but with guns blazing. Sweet sweet Emily threw every dagger she could at Brad! On the After the Final Rose episode, they agreed to "start over with a clean slate," but we can all tell that the tensions are still high. I get that she is upset that he had feeling for other women, but thats what they signed up for right?! She knew what was coming!

With all of the controversy over Emily and her past, I'm sure we will all stay tuned to see what happens to this beautiful couple. Maybe if it works out she will need a wedding planner?! 

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