Wednesday, March 9, 2011

gaga for wedding themes

There are so many ways to make your wedding unique to you and your personality, which I think is a MUST for every wedding! A theme is the perfect way to do that, whether it is simply a color palette or a full theme like Vintage Romance, Old Hollywood Glamour or Peacock Chic. What is most important is carrying your theme through every detail of the wedding! When making decisions for the big day, ask yourself if  that item, vendor, or venue fits the theme. If not, find something else that does! There is nothing worse then a theme that isn't carried through!

So for example, if your wedding is New Orleans themed, then everything should say Nola with fleur de lis, streetcars, and second lines-- invitations of a black and white sketched cathedral, cake with fleur de lis accents,  fun flowers with feathers, second line umbrellas and personalized second line napkins. Theming your wedding is a great way to give your guests that "one-of-a-kind" feeling. 

One of my favorite themed weddings is this lady gaga inspired wedding by Ashleigh Taylor Photography that was posted on Wedding Chicks (one of my new favorite daily wedding blogs)! I know this is a lot of theme for New Orleans, but it is perfect for Los Angeles and a great example of how to pull off an amazing theme! They incorporated black lace, geometric shapes, and chunky statement jewelry! Love how they carried the STUNNING blue color through all of the details! 
Everything about this wedding screams GAGA! 
Anyone can do this! All you need is a vision!! 

You can see more pictures from this gaga inspired shin dig HERE at the full blog on Wedding Chicks! I definitely encourage you to go look at the rest of them :)

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