Tuesday, August 9, 2011

picture perfect

I've been harping to my brides that one of the most important details of the wedding is organizing a picture list of who you want in each picture, details you def want pictured, and places you want to be photographed! You can always develop this with your photographer, but it's always nice to make sure your couple's personality {and all of those amazing details you designed} come across on film! 

Besides the traditional family photos that you definitely need, I wanted to share some amazing photos and details that I simply adore :)
 Great first look idea! Much more anticipation!
 Or if your not interested in a first look...DEF do this :)
 Such a cute touch to add a little something
 Great untraditional bridal party shot
 Loving sparklers
Photobooth strip with rings! Super cute!

So get to listing! Type out all of those important people and details and make sure their photos get snapped! You can never go back and re-do your big day!

{sorry I don't have the names of these photographers- I've been collecting these pictures for years and don't know their sources!}

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