Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Just incase you didn't get enough sparkle from all of the fireworks yesterday for the Fourth of July, I wanted to show you some classy and fabulous ways to add sparkle to your wedding- something that I think any wedding can use a touch of! No need to overwhelm your guests with rhinestones in every nook and cranny to add the extra pizazz! Just one of these details could add that wow factor and give you that gorgeous candlelight reflection on the walls and in your photographs!

A headband is such an easy way to transition from the romance of your ceremony veil to get ready to party for the wedding reception! I'm a huge fan of the quick addition to change your look in just seconds so you can head straight in to see your guests!
And who wouldn't love this full rhinestone dress for any wedding party, rehearsal dinner, or even reception dress?! There is no better time to wear rhinestones than your wedding!

I'm also loving the rhinestone monogram cake topper! Even if you're not into rhinestones, a mono topper in any other style is still a great way to personalize your wedding cake!

This brooch bouquet by Bella Blooms makes an amazing statement of vintage elegance! Daring, I know, but it could always be an option for your church rehearsal, reception, or throw bouquet! Why not wear pieces of your grandmothers on your special day?

I am OBSESSED with these J.Crew flats to change into for the reception! So gorgeous and they make a much bigger statement than flip flops :)

So who's adding a little bling to their big day?

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