Monday, April 11, 2011

the secret is out

Guys, this news is huge for tying.the.knot! Early last week, I received an email from N.O.W. Magazine {a huge NOLA wedding magazine} telling me that they would like to feature tying.the.knot with a two page spread in the N.O.W. September issue!!! It took me an hour to respond to the email because I couldn't stop screaming, jumping around, and calling everyone I know! She said that she had seen my blog and loved how into themes I am so she thought I would be perfect for this spread!

Soo... guess what the spread is about?! THEMES!! It is a tablescape spread where I get to completely design a reception area {linens, invitations, centerpiece, table setting, cake, and select ALL vendors to feature with me} around a theme! It will be the perfect experience to work with amazing top vendors around the city AND show off my design skills! HOW COOL :) The other page is a full style portfolio of fashions and accessories to style around the table theme!

Am I killing you with suspense of what my theme is?! So sorry, but I can't tell you! AHHH more secrets! But I can tell you...
That it will be a huge challenge to my design skill but it is a challenge I am taking head on! I am going to prove to the wedding world that I am someone to hire and someone to look out for! 

Make sure you buy the magazine out now! And remember, that sometimes the little guy has more heart and more to prove {a.k.a. ME} and thanks N.O.W. for recognizing that :)

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