Thursday, April 14, 2011

a gorgeous affair

When your a wedding planner who has seen wedding after wedding every weekend, you set the bar so high for your own! You spend years collecting pictures and ideas from all of the weddings you plan and you try to top them all! This one did just that! I want to thank one of my favorite bloggers, Hey Gorgeous, for allowing me to share her gorgeous wedding with you! Everyone, take notice of every little detail because they are fabulous- and frankly, details are what wedding planners specialize in! 

I am so obsessed with the belt on the dress, the black lace accents, and those gigantic balloons! What I love most about it is that all of these unique touches aren't overpowering. She used the perfect balance of trendy and traditional!

I am also a huge huge fan of the candy bar! More to come later on this growing trend, 
but I LOVE.

To die for... I'm going to let these pictures speak for themselves :)

Ahhhhhmazing huh?! So sweet and romantic!

For the full details and pictures, visit one of my other fave blogs The Knotty Bride Blog!
Gorgeous photography by Amanda Wilcher

p.s. I'm sorry for the overuse of the word GORGEOUS- it's not only the name of the brides event planning company, but it describes this wedding so well :)

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