Sunday, March 20, 2011

bridal bingeing

It happens to most brides. You get so excited when you find something you like and you start buying it all! I call this BRIDAL BINGEING. When you go over budget, buyers remorse sets in and you realize you don't need half of the stuff you bought AND it might not even be your favorites... I've got a solution for you!

One of my brides recently came to me asking how she could sell a wedding dress that she had purchased, but then changed her mind... 

{First of all, I LOVE that she came to me with that question! I love that people are starting to think of me as a wedding information guru! MAKES ME SO HAPPY :) }

I want to help my brides in any way, so I posted her dress to my Tying.the.Knot Facebook page. This is the first step in trying to find a buyer for as close to the original purchase price. The goal is to get as many people to see it as you can, right?! So I am blogging about it now as well...this dress is a beautifully beaded Casablanca, sweetheart A-line gown. Satin buttons all the way down the back and gorgeous beading on the train! Size 4 and never been worn or altered. It's just perfect for a romantic wedding! Can't you just see that train going down the sweet! Contact me for more details about this wedding dress!

But if we cant sell this dress through word of mouth, there is always a guaranteed buyer:
They buy all wedding dresses at the resale, pre-owned, and lightly worn. The most used site by wedding dress boutiques to sell samples. It has also been featured by Martha Stewart Weddings and The New York Times. Not only can you sell dresses if you have changed your mind, but also dresses after your wedding day! Its a quick and easy way to make back some of the money from your growing wedding budget! Are you wedding dress shopping on a budget? You can also buy dresses from this site at a fraction of the ticket price!

I hope that I have helped someone out there and I hope you continue to come to me for all of your wedding planning questions! I LOVE IT :)

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