Sunday, September 4, 2011

a wild wedding shoot for n.o.w magazine

I am so ecstatic to finally share one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I have ever done as Tying.the.Knot! A few months ago, I was asked by New Orleans Weddings Magazine to design a table scape themed "animal print" for their September issue! My first thought was "how do I make animal print work for a wedding?" But I'm not one to back down from a challenge! 

This shoot started my relationship with Eric of Bee's Weddings and Events! The rest is history...and the future! Together, we bounced ideas off of each other to come up with the perfect balance of texture, color, print, and elegance! Bringing Lisa from Luminous Events in on the team was a no brainer! As you can probably tell, I love candles...and tons of them!

So even if you aren't planning to use prints in your wedding, I hope I have given you some pieces and parts that you can apply to any wedding theme! 

Or maybe I've inspired you to have a wedding on the wild side? hhmmm...
Table overload = instant drama!
Birdcages add the raw look of the wild without using prints!
 Talk about some beautiful natural light :)
Branches are HUGE for weddings right now! They are perfect for adding height without the cost! Crystals add that elegance and sparkle to the room- not to mention their beauty when they catch the light! Adding glitter to the branch, just my way of adding that glam factor! 
 As I've said before, I love love candles...but I love love using candles in a different way even more! We belted our candles with beautiful ribbons, brooches, crystals, feathers, and orchids! 

More candles! We filled our fireplace with gorgeous cylinders in varying sizes! Also decorated with beautiful ribbons! 
Gorgeous satin chair ties are the perfect addition that anyone can use to dress up their chairs! We just added some crystals and feathers to ours! But I LOVE an obi bow! 
If only this was real, our guests would be enjoying a delicious menu designed by an Emeril's chef! Coordinating feathers and brooches were added to pull it all together!
 Talk about an amazingly unique bouquet by Eric at Bee's! What a perfect use of color, textures, and feathers! Wildly amazing!
 The perfect bout to match!
Proud mama {in animal print Louboutins}

And a little behind the scenes action of how it all came to be :)

Planning and design: Tying.the.Knot Wedding Coordination
Flowers and props: Bee's Weddings and Events
Candles: Luminous Events
Photographer: Jessica Johanningmeier of N.O.W. Magazine
Venue: Royal Palm

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