Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sophisticated southern style

I'm just in love with the polished elegance of this Tennessee wedding from The Knotty Bride and Kristyn Hogan {Nashville Photog}! I've featured so many wildly unique weddings, but I wanted to make sure to show you how gorgeous simplicity can be! This is a gorgeous example of how a theme can be as simple as a color! But please notice how strong of a statement one color can make! You just better make sure you love that color and it says everything you want it to say about you and your wedding, because there's a WHOLE LOT OF IT! 

Okay back to this wedding! First of all, the dress if to die for! So so stunning and simple, then she turns around and BAM! That bow!!

Amazingly stunning drama of the dress to match the stunning bride!! She used one of my favorite wedding colors- navy - a gorgeous and regal color that is bold enough to stand out, but feminine enough for a southern wedding! And those ginormous columns on the venue only adds to the wow factor!

The navy theme carried through {like it always should} to the reception! With draping and lighting, you couldn't help but say WOW when you walked in that room! I'm in love their initials on the curtain! The perfect way to personalize your wedding for not a lot of money- and its so easy to do!! If your reception venue doesn't have a curtain, shine the light on your dance floor! So simple, but such a unique touch!
The couples exit down the mountain of a building was lit by sparklers! The color and warm glow that sparklers give off make me so happy! And who doesn't love a little dangerous fire? {the answer is: the wedding planner! but the guests always have so much fun!}The perfect ending to a perfect night for the perfect couple! 
 I think this picture is just amazing! What a unique and memorable photo of the LOVE at the wedding!
Sounds like I really like this wedding huh?! 

See the rest of the goodness on The Knotty Bride- and trust me, its worth the trip to their site :)

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