Friday, April 29, 2011

royal wedding reality

Those are the only words to describe this wedding fit for a future queen! I'm speechless {well I'm not really speechless}! Ever since I got word of the engagement, I was infatuated with the royal couple and their upcoming nuptials! Call me a hopeless romantic, but what girl doesn't dream of marrying a prince one day?! 

I started studying the royal couple since Waity Katie received that amazing sapphire from her prince. Everything about their childhoods, their college lives, their first meeting, the engagement and everything in between! So I needed to know everything about the wedding!
Here are the deets:

While enjoying tea and lemon cookies at 5 am in our hats, I sat anxiously awaiting the future princesses arrival! The most talked about detail was her DRESS! Everything had been kept secret until she literally stepped out of the car! Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen had partnered with Kate to design her dream dress, a dress reminiscent of Grace Kelly! It was a dream of ivory satin and lace! The padded hips paid homage to the Victorian era and the pleated detail on the back symbolized a budding flower {a love in bloom}! The Cartier tiara was an understated and modern nod to the traditional British tiara! It literally was the perfect dress for Princess Catherine, but I only have one complaint, it didn't scream QUEEN! I wanted more drama and more glam, but that wouldn't have been Kate's dress {it would've been mine}! Pippa and the bridesmaids also made amazingly glamourous statements in Sarah Burton dresses. All wore white in keeping with the customs of bridesmaids to distract the evil spirits from the bride! LOVE

Upon first sighting, I was slightly disappointed with the small and simple bouquet, but after researching about it, I realized how much thought went into the flower selection and how special it was!  Vera Wang stated that the size of the bouquet was perfect and small not to overpower the delicate lace detail of the dress. Each flower chosen had symbolic meaning to the British monarchy. The Lily of the Valley's symbolized the return of happiness to the kingdom. Sweet William flowers showed gallantry. The Hyacinths represented the consistency of love. Ivy's stand for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affection. The Myrtle was the most significant flower which is an emblem of marriage and love. It was also Queen Victoria's royal flower, the same Queen who started the tradition of bride's wearing white :)

After the wedding ceremony, the couple made the 4 minute procession down the aisle of the Westminster Abbey and got into the royal carriage. The carriage was constructed in 1902 and has been used for every royal wedding since. The future king even hired a few of his friends to ride in the carriage brigade and accompany the couple to Buckingham Palace! Such a sweet and personal touch!

After Princess Catherine and Prince William arrived at the Palace, we anxiously awaited {an hour} for their first kiss! Not only did the couple give us one kiss, but FOUR kisses- a record for British royalty! I think this speaks volumes about their relationship! They are really and truly in love! This marriage is the first marriage in British history that was not arranged-eeeekkkkk! I'm in love with their love :) {also note the precious little bridesmaid who didn't like all of the loud cheering}

My favorite touch, and one that shows they are just like you and me, is their Buckingham Palace exit in the blue Aston Martin! No guards, no protection, just them in love! The car was loaned to them from Prince Charles's personal collection! The royal blue car was decorated with balloons, streamers, and bore the license plate that said "Just Wed" :) I am so in love with their choice to leave like a normal, modern, real couple! Princess Diana did such a great job to raise him in such a humble way! She would be so proud of them!

Tonight will be the celebration of the century! They will have so much fun that they couldn't even invite the Queen! I cant wait to see what Pippa and Prince Harry have planned for the royal reception! One detail we do know is that the cake is HUGE! It is an 8 tier cake meant to feed the 650 guests in attendance! And the coolest's a fruit cake! Shocker, I know but I have read that the cake was deliciously moist and in the traditional British style! And for the first time, the prince will have an American grooms cake! It is an unbaked chocolate cake with chocolate cookie crumbles- YUM!

Also just in! Kate has slipped into a SECOND royal gown, also designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen! This gorgeous strapless, satin gown has beautiful diamond detailing! So modern and sleek! Prince William also slipped into something more comfortable! He's looking so dapper and regal in his tuxedo!

I told you I did my homework! This is truly such an exciting day for me and I love it so much because I love their love! I'm so proud that Prince William listened to his mother and followed his heart to find true love! Such a beautiful thing and I don't know one person that didn't cry!!

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